• Have you been to counseling? To the psychiatrist? Even to the Doctor?

    And your still fighting. Your still exhausted. Your still stuck. Maybe it's time for some UN-THERAPY. Working from a place of conscious creating rather then aggressive actions. Doesn't it feel better just saying that?


    The emotional bleeding has you in a survival state that is holding you BOTH hostage. You've done the fighting for it part. Let's move forward. Get on with it!


    You can't get to peace from ANGER, RESENTMENT, DISCOURAGEMENT, right?


    That's why we have to stop the bleeding of emotional all over your relationship so that you can get to clarity and healing.

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    If you know something will work, why wouldn’t you do it?


    Putting God in the middle of your marriage takes the weight off of you. The pain and

    stress and heartaches are relieved because you are not equipped to carry all that.

    Realistically very often w are not mentally/emotionally strong enough to move past most of the

    things that have challenged our relationships without them leaving a big scar causing big defenses.


    Prayer is the way to defuse the bombs. Prayer gives you the power to let go of what's not working

    and the compassion to forgive even when you don't want to.​ Be an opportunist and use a tool that has been right at your fingertips.


    Answered prayers are not reserved for the saints believe me. Prayer is an equal opportunity action. What goes up, must come down.


    What you send out from your heart will have a reaction. It’s the law, it’s as old as time. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about ASKING, LISTENING, then SURRENDERING and RECEIVING.

  • If you think you have tried everything,

    but you have not tried praying


    your spouse, then

    you're not done.

    Marriage has a 30-40% survival rate. Not good odds. Why do you think

    so many marriages fail? Because traditional rules of marriage are

    not working.


    We are following the same guidelines of marriage that are

    hundreds of years old. Religious dogma, marriage guidelines and vows before God leaving us overwhelmed with...

  • Guilt, Blame & Shame

    Sound about right? What if we took that out of the picture

    and instead approached your

    marriage with...

  • Creativity, Compassion, & Power

    Men and women are much different than

    they were 50 even 20 years ago.

    Roles have changed.

    Dynamics are very different.


    The access we have to stimulation outside of

    the marriage is outrageous. We are all set up

    to fail trying to follow the perfect guidelines

    that so many fail to keep.


    It does not make you a bad person when you're not great at

    being married. It means that you have to

    recreate a marriage that fits you. A marriage you have your own identity and power in. The roles have changed but the core energy of marriage is still the same.


    We all want to feel safe, loved, appreciated, empowered, respected, excited. The problem is we try to get everything we want in life out of one relationship. That is a recipe for failure.


  • What tools will you have?


    ❏ A step by step prayer method to take the fear out of praying together and make it

    easy and natural.


    ❏ Education from The Bible, the law of attraction, psychology and many other

    teachings on how to raise consciousness


    ❏ Each week we will meet for 90 minutes on the phone or video chat set at your best



    ❏ After our sessions, you will receive an email summary of what we discussed and

    you are able to communicate with me through email for further support


    ❏ You will use very simple worksheets to help guide you through identifying the

    roadblocks and how to focus on the breakthrough


    ❏ Learn to fight fair and have quick recoveries

    Prayer is the purest form of love​

    we can express.


    Let me be clear that this is not about me blowing fairy kisses at your marriage. I am a

    straight talker, no bull, no fluff. I’m not here to waste your time or mine. I have been

    given a very powerful gift of empathy and I take it very seriously.


    This gift of being able to give accurate reflection of the energy in your relationship is so ingrained in me that it pains me not to do this kind of work. I HAVE to do it! It’s like someone giving you the winning lottery number right before the drawing and you not playing them. God gives me so much information that sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t share it.

  • Is this for you? Are you ready for change?

    Of course you are!

    You're sick of the way things are. Keeping a

    good front for the friends and family is exhausting.

    You don’t have to sugar coat it for me. You can tell

    me the REAL truth about what breaks your heart,

    what you yearn for.


  • My Approach

    To Be Kind And Direct.

    I doubt there is anything you can tell me that will shock me. I have either been through or have seen it. No judgement here, just results.

  • Why listen to me? Because I have learned how to ONLY listen to my SOURCE and not let anyone tell me how to live my life anymore or how to be married. I will help you do the same thing.


    To clear out all the voices of influence that are causing the CLASH OF THE TITANS in your relationship. The voices of Christmas Past, your well meaning parents and friends.


    Your life is yours to live. It's between you and your source whether you want to suffer or not. It's your own business. Maybe you have something very IMPORTANT to learn and you are not going to learn it until you have nearly burned the relationship to the ground.


    FINE! But I'm going to help you get through this storm and cool the waves of confrontation that are crashing you both.


    Temple Talk-


    I have never seen myself as a saintly person in the eyes of the world. However, I do see

    myself as someone that sees God in all things at all times. That does not make me

    perfect. Far from it, but it does make me connected. The world is such an imperfect

    place and I am here in a body living it right along with all of you. With all the limitations

    this world has for us.


    Physical pain, emotional imbalances, fear, disappointment, attachments. I have them

    all. What I think is unusual about me is I take full responsibility for all of it. No matter

    how much it hurts. I know that all the pains in my life are for some kind of purpose. I

    believe that purpose is to have empathy on a level that makes me a good teacher.

    A teacher that comes from compassion and understanding on all levels not just from a

    mental place of education, but wisdom from the very essence of life. That empathy

    gives me power. Power to believe what we are praying about.


    Woops, I married a bi-polar

    I have been in many relationships and have learned deep, deep lessons about myself

    through them. I am currently married, but we are only together because I let go of

    control and listened to what God was asking me to do. My husband has severe bi-polar

    disorder. It could have destroyed us a thousand times.


    Not to mention my own emotional baggage from childhood abuse. I know what it means to feel like there is no hope. I know what it feels like to have your world and your plans ripped away. I know what it means to have secrets from your family and friends. I know what it takes to come out of the pit of rage, regrets and anger.


    I have faced the monsters that have tried to swallow me up in all my relationships and have survived with my heart in tact. Nothing is beyond repair if you BOTH show up and find out the real truth.

  • Intro to the live stream

  • Who is Temple?

    Temple started at out in her 20's teaching awareness to teenagers on how to understand what they were creating with their intentions and how to see God all things, no matter how it looks. Now in her 40's she has supported many marriages and families in healing.


    She is a voice for the family to speak to each other with clarity and a spiritual mediator to always reflect what it is that God wants us to see and to coach the family on how to bring prayer into their lives as a tool.


    Temple has been a foster parent for several teenagers and has been studying consciousness and healing through many modalities.


    Temple has been doing public speaking and workshops groups such as "The Conscious Woman" for over 20 years. The teachings are derived from resources such as The Bible, Carolyn Myss, Abraham hicks, Dr .Yuen, Don Miguel Ruiz and many more


  • What will be covered in the six weeks?

    First thing is to identify and heal the two wedges in your communication. Is it a victim problem or a value problem?


    ❏ Why do women need men to pray for them? A game changing experience for

    independent women. I will teach you a way to pray for each other with no Dogma, just pure enlightenment.


    ❏ Boundaries that actually work. Setting a boundary that your not ready for will not work. The boundaries have to be set on your mind not the people in front of you. 


    ❏ Can marriages heal from abuse, infidelity, addictions? Yes. Learn to get past the

    guilt and shame and feel safe again.


    ❏ Find the strength in the "Divine assignments" that come along for you to

    overcome within your marriage.


    ❏ Turn co-dependency into compassion and empathy. Learn the real energy behind the attachment we form to people even when they are hurting us.


    ❏ Get to the Truth. We will get clear in these six weeks what you both actually want.


  • You can count on me to remember how

    powerful you are when you forget.


    The formula I will give you will give you the

    tools you need for the rest of your life to

    have relief and feel Peace and Power in

    your life no matter what is happening in

    your marriage.

    What’s your marriage worth to you?

    A 90 minute session is normally $249.


    Twelve sessions would value at $2988 but this series is only




    If you pay in full or payments of $265 every week for 6 weeks


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    Why would I do this? Because I base my entire practice on finding solutions through conscious communication. Not just between the clients. Between YOU and ME. Message me on Facebook at The Conscious Woman and we can chat.

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